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Ethos Energy Egg

£30.00 Retail Price (inc VAT)

70% Contra Cash

£Contra 21.00 + £Cash 9.00

Protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation from mobile phones, computers, televisions, geopathic stress, other people's energies, 'sha chi', blocked ki, entities, electromagnetic pollution and many other environmental stresses.

If your body holds a lot of environmental stress, you may, at first, feel unusually tired or otherwise unwell when your Energy Egg starts eliminating this stress. If this is the case, leave your Energy Egg off its Transmitter at night and keep it with you for only a few hours during the day. Slowly increasing your use of the Energy Egg gradually releases more accumulated stress without any undue strain.

The Energy Egg should be kept with you during the day (in a pocket or small pouch within ½cm of your body) and on its transmitter at night (if you have one) whilst sleeping. We have additional transmitters if you’d like to keep one at work and one at home, to save you carrying it around with you all of the time. The following techniques can be used whenever you have your Energy Egg with you.

(free postage/postage not applicable)

The seller would like to be paid as follows: 70% £Contra - 30% £Cash.

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